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Free Internet Using Http Injector App In Nepal (With Config .ehi File)

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http injector screenshot 1

There's a trick that I use for free internet.

And it 100% works.

You don't require to root your android. Programming and other knowledge is not required.

How does that works?

Once you start using this method, you will get free internet for one week (7 days).

And in this post I'm going to show you exactly how to get free internet for a week.

But First, here is a quick intro about the application

Developed by Evozi PLT in 2015 for the first time, HTTP Injector is an android tool which sets custom HTTP header to connect with VPN. In simple language, it gives us a private network (i.e. VPN) to use free internet through SSH and proxies.

How to use http injector app to get free internet

Now it is time for me to walk you through the entire free internet process.

Step #1: Install "HTTP Injector" :Firstly, you should download the app from Google Play Store
(Click Here To Download HTTP Injector From Google Play Store)

Step #2: Download .ehi config file :Next, download configuration file for HTTP Injector. This file allows the app to inject SSH and connect us to VPN.
Click Here To Download HTTP Injector File (1 tap connect) For Nepal (Ncell) Users Only.

Note that different countries have different configuration files for a particular network provider or sim card provider. If you live outside Nepal or use a different network, the config file provided on the link above will not work as proxy and port for different network providers are different. You should create a configuration file yourself with some technical skills and knowledge.

Step #3: Import config file :Now open Http Injector App. Tick on "I understand that this app is for professional users only", then tap on "OK".

Important: Before getting started make sure that you read the "Terms and Conditions" of the application by visiting Menu >> About. This tutorial is meant for educational purpose only. We will not be responsible for any harm caused to you or your device due to the use of HTTP Injector app. So do it on your own risk and make sure that you read the "About" menu and description of the app before proceeding further.

Fine, to import config file tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner of the app. Then tap on config >> import >> locate to download folder >> tap on .ehi file . Again tick on "I understand that this app is for professional users only" and then tick on "OK".

In this way, a configuration file of HTTP Injector is imported. But there is more. Read step 4.

Step #4: Starting Injection: This is the most important and final part. For this you must turn your mobile data on and make sure that the application is running on background.

After importing file tick on DNS (Default DNS). Then go to Tools and enable Header Replacer by simply tapping on the option available there.

Finally go back to home screen and tap "Start". Wait few minutes until it gets connected to VPN and Tunnel Core is started. You can simply check this by visiting LOG screen. Once you get connected you will start receiving packets and free internet will work on your android. This is the same process that I use everyday to get free internet.

It is your turn now.

Do have any questions? I want to know your advice and hear from you. Either way you may leave a question on comment box below or follow me on Facebook or Twitter to receive the latest updates.

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4 Tips To Save Internet Data On Android

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4 Tips To Save Internet Data On Andriod

save internet data on andriod

Surf internet at cheap data plans. These 4 working tips will help you reduce internet data consumption and browse internet at cheap low cost on android.

How to save internet data on android

1. Turn Off Images:

turn off images on opera mini Internet browsers like Opera Mini, Chrome, etc. have a unique feature to turn off image or reduce their quality in order to minimize data consumption.

It is recommended that you can turn off images or reduce their quality when they are not necessary for us. Example, during online conversation or Facebook chat image can be turned off because high quality of image require more internet data to download content.

You can do it by going into Settings>>Data Savings>>Images>>Off on your browser.

2. Restrict Background Data
restrict background data android

When we enable "Mobile Data", every application installed on our phone download content from internet and update at the same time due to which our balance finishes quickly. Apps like "Google Play Store" update apps without our permission due to which data ends quickly and we get robbed.

"This do not happens because of an error with our network provider or sim card provider. It happens because of a tiny problem in our android."

Fortunately, there is a solution. Go to Settings>>Data Usage>>Menu>>Restrict Background Data>>Ok to turn of background processing of applications.

3. Save Pages For Offline Reading
save pages offline opera mini
If you have habit of reading blogs, novels and ebooks online then you can save those pages to read them offline later.

It is bulky and boring to load same web pages when we come back because it consumes our data and time to load it. You can visit your favorite and important pages anytime without wasting time and money by simply saving them.

Use Opera Mini browser to save web pages offline.

4. Disable Auto Updating On Play Store
disable auto update play store
As I mentioned before that Play Store automatically updates applications when mobile data is enable.

To stop automatic update of applications on play store, go to Play Store>>Menu (Swipe Right)>>Auto-Update Apps>>Auto Update Apps Over WiFi Only

Final Words
These were the 4 tips that will reduce data consumption on your android phone. Don't forget to share or comment below.
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Chapter 1: A Beginners Guide To Online Earning


A Beginner's Guide to Online Earning

online earning

You might have heard this "Making money online is easy". Yes,it is true that we can make descent amount of money online but that is not granted for free. Most bloggers still stuck on one question "How to earn money online?". Remember that unless we learn the right process and do some hardwork, our hands will be empty.

In case you won't believe that working online makes money, take a look below

Proof that working online makes money:

1. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook is the sixth richest person in the world.

2. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is the fifth richest billionaire with a total earning net worth of $66.4 billion (USD).

Analyzing both of these millionaires, it spend them at least 10 years of working online that took their lifestyle to a new level.

It means that becoming a millionaire online is not a quick process.

Let's get back to the business.

Those highest grossing people who've made millions online started all from the beginning level as us. None of them fell into scams gone viral like making $999999999999 in an hour (everyone know that is not possible).

It is possible that with proper knowledge, hard work and investment, we can earn enough money online. Some of us might also reach to the same heights as Zuckerberg and Bezos while some of us may not but we can make enough money that can help us buy a luxurious house and a car of our dream to turn it into a vacation.

Before you start any type of online business, you will require a MasterCard to store your earning.

Payoneer is the best alternative for MasterCard.

Why Payoneer MasterCard?
1. To verify Paypal
2. Available in 200 countries and 150 currencies
3. Best alternative in countries (like Nepal, Bhutan, etc.) where MasterCard is hardly available
4. Completely free to order
5. Free shipping (i.e. no delivery charges applied)
6. Saves extra commission (taxes) from banks charged to own a MasterCard.

Click here (non referral link) to order your MasterCard for free.

After receiving MasterCard, put some funds (cash) on it so that it starts working.

These were the basic things. We are almost there. It is time to learn more.

You will need to create a blog first

Many new users and learners who are unknown about this topic have frequently asked me question:

What is a blog?

A blog is a truncation or abbreviation or short form or whatever you call it, of word "weblog" which means a collection of data and entries published on the internet. People mostly refer a weblog as a blog or website , simply known as "site". The data and entries stored on a blog are known as "posts".

You might also like to read:

why do I need websiteReasons why you should build your own website

Creating a blog is quite easy. But you have to pick one right choice among these two options which I've described clearly on this post.

The two popular platforms to create a blog are:
1. Blogger
2. WordPress

1. Blogger
Blogger is free platform to create a blog and easy to use for newbies.

No hosting is required. You can easily pick a theme, use a free domain (or custom) and start your blog.

The defect is that it is SEO unfriendly if you don't have professional skills. Also, you cannot remove or edit the numbers from permalink on your posts.

It is simple and easy to use. That is why most learners use Blogspot to create a blog.

2. WordPress

WordPress is divided into two types:

a. is the best method than Blogger because Wordpress sites are SEO optimized by default. We can edit the permalink here. There are plenty (thousands) of themes in Wordpress for our blog design and it is completely free to use. But we cannot edit our template, add plugins or upload our custom theme on it.

It is the best platform for blogging than any other. We can create hosted and non-hosted websites. It is SEO friendly as well. We can also edit the permalinks and upload our custom template. But we have to pay money for buying a domain name and hosting in order to create a site on .

It is your choice which one of these platforms you will choose to blog. Depending upon your ability and talent, you can always choose a best platform that fits you.

Things to remember before chapter one ends:

1. What is hosting?
Hosting is a virtual (digital) web space or hard disk that stores images, videos, links, CSS, HTML, flash, etc. uploaded in our blog.

To buy hosting means to buy a digital hard disk on internet so that the data uploaded on our blog can be stored.

In a non hosted site (also known as free website) , our files are stored on our blogging servers such as Blogspot. No need to buy web space.

In a hosted site, weblogs and files are stored in our own servers. We can use our computer hard disks or buy hosting online from a company to store entries of our blog.

2. What is "SEO Unfriendly"?
It is a term used for a website to indicate that it is not visible to search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo).

The full form of SEO is "Search Engine Optimization".

Check out my previous articles on SEO:
#. Top 10 benefits of SEO for business, marketing and personal blogs.
#. SEO tools that work

3. What is permalink?
Permalink is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a site or blog post. Like:
" "

Things that you have learnt from chapter one at a glance:
1. Online business cannot start without a MasterCard
2. About blog
3. Mediums to create a blog
4. Basic Technical terms that must be understood before getting into online business and more.

What is next?
On my future article, you will learn following things:
1. Designing your blog
2. Making your blog responsive and mobile friendly
3. Connecting with social media
4. Optimising its search presence
5. Getting your blog ranked
6. Writing Content
7. Blog monetization

This is the end of chapter one. Meanwhile Chapter 2 is being prepared, you can read this entire article again and ask me anything about any terms/words that is difficult for you to understand. Make sure that you follow me on Facebook and Twitter to not miss the updates.

You can also share this article with your friends to let them know what you are learning because sharing is caring.
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Countdown 2016: Top 10 Nepali Websites That are Popular


Countdown 2016: Top 10 Nepali Websites That are Popular

top websites in Nepal

It is estimated that there are 1 billion (1,059,318,000) and counting number of websites in the world as of July 2016.

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Blog Tips: The Complete List (20 Working Tactics)


Blog Tips: The Complete List

Blog Tips: The Complete List

The largest collection of blog tips on planet

The Best Part?

All the blogging tips in this guide are super useful and 100% work.

Here are the largest collection of blog tips for professional bloggers.

Blog Tips: The Complete List (20 Working Tactics)

1. Optimize, update and republish old blog contents:
You must regularly check your website as a user point of view, find out faults in it, republish and update your content every time after correction.

You must have the idea whether you are helping your clients (visitors) or adding some more troubles.

2. Let your blog look new:
If your blog is new, let it look new. Don't publish so many articles in rush.

That will help you improve your blog quality, make it more useful and provide some time to promote it as well.

3. Do not post anonymously:
If you post anonymously, that means you are trying to hide yourself and do not want to get involved with the visitors that look after you.

If you use your name as "admin" or similar instead of using your real name then remove this habit now.

You should instead start building relationship with people that have influence on your niche or brand. People want to connect with real people, not some anonymous voices or brands like "admin" etc.

However, you can place "Admin" tag just below your original name while replying to comments on your blog.

4. Setup About Page:
Don't forget to publish an awesome "About" page to tell your visitors about your brand, product or services provided by your blog. Take a look at my About Me page for example.

5. Publish Contents to get rewards, merits, citations and highlighted on authority sites:
It is bad habit to publish articles for visitors and page views only.

You should write articles that will help you get rewards, merits, citations and featured on highly authoritative sites like Forbes , Entrepreneur ,
Inc. , etc.

That will help your website achieve long term goals and make it trusted among users.

6. Check Grammar Before Publishing Any Post :
The best practice to become a blogger is to be a best writer.

Think it before you write and check grammar of every sentence that matters the most to your audience.

Your blog post must be free of grammatical errors that affect the readability of your content because one minor mistake can ruin your entire hard work.

7. Reduce Blog Loading Time :
The average loading time of your blog should be between 4 to 5 seconds.
If your blog takes excessive time to download content then your visitors may leave early before completely loading the page.

8. Avoid Overusing High Quality Multimedia:
Do not use too many high quality images, videos and flash objects in your blog. You can choose a simple background in your template (like green color canvas or similar) that looks good but avoid using high quality images that take a lot of time to load. It can also distract the eyes of visitors to make them less engage in your content.

9. Do not mix coding in template:
Excessive use of HTML, CSS formatting on template and mixing it with HTML5 increases blog loading time . So avoid doing so.

10. Use HTTPS Protocol To Transfer files over ftp:
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) uses a public key to encrypt data for protection of privacy and ensures safety of the site. Therefore, HTTPS is considered safe than HTTP to transfer of files over ftp.

11. Prepare a unique design for your blog :
Your blog should be attractive and look unique to receive traffic.

You should choose a template that is mobile friendly and displays every objects well on any  device.

Also pick a best color for your theme and design a beautiful logo. You can design one from if you don't have professional photo editing skills.

There should also be an attractive banner located at the top of your blog.

12. Use Meta Tags Properly:
Meta Tags are meant for Search Engine Optimization, not like playing toys. The first 150 keywords on your meta tags must contain high converting keywords for your blog.

Unless you have proper knowledge or advanced information about meta tags, do not use them as they will directly affect your search engine visibility and may cause Google penalties and duplicate content issues.

13. Don't Capitalize Unnecessary Elements on Title :
Capitalizing unnecessary elements will affect the look and does not gets in the eyes of reader.

Take a look “Henry Makes Effort to Free Himself From Lawsuit.” is correct, but if “to” were capitalized as well, that would be incorrect.

14. Indicate what is happening right now :
Writing articles on different
tense affects the user sense. Even if the story itself or content is written in past tense, the headline should indicate what’s happening right now because people love contents that are timely updated.

15. Write Articles on Active Voice :
Active voice starts with the subject. With active voice, you can say more with fewer words. Brevity is
an essential newswriting tactic that captivates the audience.

16. Use Concise Headlines:
Try to keep your headlines straightforward and unadorned. Use concise and familiar words, if possible. Do not mix things up.

17. Reporting must be real, fresh and original :
Do not copy and paste reports on your blogs. Keep them original, accurate and true.

18. Write about your success story :
It is better to write about your success story and how you got started online. Visitors would love to know your secret behind your success.

19. Grab Audience Attention:
A captivating introduction should be written on first few paragraphs of your blog post that catches eyes of everyone.

Start making connection with your daily visitors and convince them you can solve their problem in introduction.

Use at least one image on every article to grab most of the audience attention.

20. Build Social Media Profile:
You won't receive too much traffic from Google if your site is new. It takes almost six months to rank better and receive organic traffic from search engines.

Therefore build your social media profile (ex - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile, etc.) as a primary source of traffic for your blog.

Did I miss anything?

Any blogging tip that I have missed?

Or maybe you have a question about the tips I have mentioned above.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.
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