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Welcome to the about page for the best & top seo expert in Nepal – Mayaprakash Panth. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important parts & key components of a successful website, online business, and marketing. Whether you are affiliated with Amazon or making money through Google AdSense, SEO is a must. If you are looking to hire the best seo expert in Nepal that can fit into your budget and rank websites or a local business in search engines, you’ve landed at the perfect place.

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After years of research and working online for 6+ years, we can save your energy, time, and money spent on advertisements. See, there are hundreds of SEO specialists and you can choose any of them based on their past experience, performance, and budget.

But, Stop!

You deserve the best quality SEO pro that delivers guaranteed result-oriented works. That’s why you are here. SEO is the hardest and toughest marketing tool to master. We have done that over the years. In this post, I’m about to show you some data, clips, and screenshots that an SEO expert in Nepal can rarely show.


About seo expert in Nepal

Mayaprakash Panth is actively doing blogging and search engine optimization since 2014. He is well known for event blogging, ranking local businesses, making money online through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing via Amazon.

Also, Mahesh is an individual freelancer, content writer, and the founder of advancedblog.com website. If your business site in Nepal needs more organic traffic, you’re at the right hands.

Ranking Proof

I did research and ended up producing 200+ organic users in real-time, i.e. 200+ active visitors using the website live. All of them came from the medium of search engines without social traffic. We collected data from the study and implemented them on the site in a professional way.

Below is a live small screen capture video of google analytics proof from my mobile where I get 257 users in real-time. Remember that I have kept the video duration to 6 seconds to save data and load time. We are also committed to keeping the website information confidential. We don’t want to leak our client’s niche and website name here. This is just to give you an idea of how professionally we work.

SEO Ranking Proof Google Analytics
Video proof of how I got 300+ organic users in real time using on page seo only.


Similarly, one of my websites appeared 483,000 times on Google in the past 28 days (i.e. 483K impressions), out of which it got 35.7K clicks on an average CTR of 7.4% with a 10.2 average position. Take a look:

google search console report for advancedblog.com


Page Speed Optimization

Coming down to SEO services, we are also best at optimizing page load speed to deliver faster user experience for WordPress sites. Fast load time has many advantages and it is a major Google ranking factor, one of our top priorities. We measure the performance using three major tools to find real data. They are Page Speed Insights, Gtmetrix & WebPageTest. Take a look:

gtmetrix report - page load time for advancedblog.com

This is the best result we can get for our website because it is running on a shared server that is hosting multiple sites at the same place. For better improvements, we recommend our clients to use Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Third-party ad-scripts are a major cause for delayed load time because they consume a few seconds to fetch data from another server. Also, avoid visual page builders and plugins because they contain heavy scripts responsible for increasing HTTP requests. As long as you are following these rules, we can optimize the loading speed of your page at our best and guarantee to satisfy you with results.

Why Mayaprakash for SEO?

Best SEO specialist in Nepal for a reason, let me tell you why. We are trusted by most website owners, just because of our ranking strategy, professional approach, and result-oriented guaranteed work. I have already shown the proof above.

Before hiring us, we want to let you know the reason why you should be paying us. It is no secret that there might be hundreds of competitors in your industry, dominating your business. I know that it’s frustrating when you don’t get any customers, and miss the opportunities of making thousands of dollars every single day.

When it comes to online marketing, SEO is one of the many ways to get customers. The only wall that is separating businesses from customers is Google, as it covers 87.35% of the world’s search traffic. Google is the most significant source of internet traffic for getting customers and clients. So, if you rank higher on search results, it’s going to be easy for customers to climb that wall and reach up to you.

Well, after working in this field since 2014 & doing numerous tests & research, I’ve developed a guaranteed process to rank a website. It is going to fix the above major problem that is preventing your business from getting thousands of dollars of revenue.

Whether you are a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, or a local business site owner, whenever you are ready to invest in the best SEO specialist in Nepal, we are here.

My Philosophy

The way search engine algorithms are improving, shortcuts, and tricks won’t work anymore. One big Google update and your website could reach up to the bottom of the SERP page. Even worse, your page could disappear from search results.

So, it’s hard to maintain rankings because SEO keeps evolving. In that scenario, I have developed my own pure white hat ranking strategy that can survive any algorithmic update & guarantee rankings.

To be honest, every person deserves to be rich, but not unless they work. There’s a colossal work being executed behind every website at the developer’s end. I’ve been doing precisely that by planning a strategy and executing it by myself, no job, no boss, tension-free life. I can go wherever I want, give my girl whatever she needs.

Ranking Strategy

If you ever wonder how do we rank on Google, it’s not rocket science. We have our SEO roadmap and blueprint that helps us to bring guaranteed ranking into our client’s websites.

For this, our average SEO campaign lasts up to 6 months; we don’t take anything less than that time. During the period, we update the website and add content each month to make it more search engine friendly.

We do a bunch of things every single month. Most of these SEO processes can be easily found on the internet, but we also have our management system and secret sauces like soft rank strategies. Meanwhile, a few things that we cover during those six months are:

  • Improve website’s UX/UI
  • add content
  • do on-page SEO
  • optimize page speed
  • do branding
  • Maximize directories
  • white hat link building
  • rank for local search terms in Nepal
  • technical SEO
  • penalty recovery
  • implement our rank hack strategy

Final Verdict

Mayaprakash does complete on-page and off-page seo work. He is known as the best seo expert in Nepal due to his guaranteed ranking system and strategies. As far as we are concerned, his methods will boost rankings naturally depending upon the competition.

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