Download Ehi File For HTTP Injector February 2021 – Latest (1 Month)

From this page, you will be able to download ehi file for http injector that is freshly created by our admin team and lasts for over one month since the date of creation. These files are manually prepared by us and allows you to connect HTTP Injector free VPN.

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Basically, this file will enable the free VPN offered by HTTP Injector but we are still unsure if it works on zero mobile balance or not. We only promised for files that work when you have mobile data with credits on it. Anyways, you can try the file on your own and see if it connects.

File Information

  • Extension: .ehi
  • Supported on: HTTP Injector mobile app
  • Created: 28/01/2021
  • Expires on: 27/01/2021
  • Server: VPNSplit
  • Purpose: Free Virtual Private Network Connection
  • Prepared By: team

Benefits of EHI File

  1. Ad Free
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Connects on poor networks as well
  4. Works for every sim card and WiFi
  5. Saves money spent on premium VPNs
  6. 100% secure and free

Download Ehi File

How to use the ehi file

Below are the steps to use the ehi file, a video will be uploaded soon:

  • First of all, open HTTP Injector.
  • Right-click on the three vertical dots on the top-right edge of the interface.
  • Select ‘Clear Settings/Data’.
  • Confirm by pressing ‘Yes’.
  • Click on the config icon.
  • Select ‘Import Config’.
  • Check ‘I understand connection issue is not related to the app’.
  • Press Ok.
  • Locate the download folder
  • Select ‘File’
  • Turn on the internet.
  • Click on ‘Start’.
  • Switch to the ‘Log’ tab to see connection status.

If it says ‘VPN Connected‘, then you’ve done it.

Note: We have locked the configuration to mobile data only. To learn how to create a config for WiFi, check out our tutorial.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to download ehi file for http injector using the button above. Are you able to connect to the free VPN using mobile data through the above config file? Also, is the file working properly or expired? Tell us in the comments below so that we can update it.

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  1. Hey am trying to download Ehi file it is say that unsupported
    Plz help me also i want to get that file so that i can be also on internet 30 days thank you


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