SEO Price in Nepal – For WordPress Site & Local Business [2021]

Search engine optimization is one of the most important & necessary approaches for a business owner. Microsoft has already stated it as the toughest skill to gain in 2020. Whenever you launch a new website, SEO is the first step towards success. This article will breakdown seo price in Nepal at very reasonable and affordable rates to improve Google rankings with a world-class expert.

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SEO Price in Nepal

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DetailsInitial Site Setup1 Keyword5 Keyword10 Keyword
Site Security
Google Search Console
XML Sitemap
Bing Search Console
Yandex Webmasters Tools
Yoast SEO Setup
Redirection Issues
Google Analytics×
Reduce Bounce Rate×
h tags optimization×
title, url, & keywords optimization×
image optimization×
Meta Description×
Internal & External Linking×
Schema Markup & Structured Data (Added Via Coding Manually)×
SEO Report
Duration5 Days3 Day15 Days30 Days
SEO Price$35$60$160$285
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Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Before doing an SEO audit, we must complete the keyword research phase. We charge a minimum of $10 for doing keyword research using our own methods and tools. You have to provide us your niche information or main topic & we will use it as a hint to produce superb keywords ideas. Plus, competitor analysis is necessary to get an idea about the toughness of keywords. Our rates for doing competitor research with the report are $10 per keyword.

Page Speed Optimization

We have a separate price for optimizing your WordPress page speed. The fixed rates for improving your website’s load time and UX is $100. During our process, we use Cloudflare and premium tools with plugins to perform the work. It will increase scores on GTmetrix & Google’s Page Speed Insights. Therefore, the charges are slightly higher but extremely reasonable at the same time.

Payment Methods

I accept payment in the form of e-Sewa & bank transfer, contact for details. We are soon implementing transcation from Payoneer as well, so stay connected.


Note: Kindly don’t offer empty blank pages with zero words. For affiliate & e-commerce sites, your pages must contain 3,000+ words before doing SEO Audit. For local business and Adsense sites, please write at least 1000 words before hiring us. We are not providing content writing services at the moment.


What does SEO cost in Nepal?

As a freelancer, the price for on-page SEO audits in Nepal is $35 per page if you hire MayaPrakash. Similarly, Page Speed Optimization costs $100, plus keyword research and competitor analysis charge $10 each.

How much does Local SEO cost?

Local SEO requires investment for ranking and continuous work for 6-12 months. Therefore, the prices could go as high as $600 to $1000 on a monthly basis depending upon the keyword difficulty, and service provider. The site needs to be updated thoroughly, and heavy off-page SEO promotion is required in order to rank for local keywords.

Is SEO important in 2020?

SEO is very important in 2020. In fact, Microsoft has already told that it is the hardest, and most necessary skill for digital entrepreneurs, bloggers, and IT Experts. SEO is now an $80 billion dollars industry.

Is SEO dead 2020?

You might hear people saying in multiple social media platforms that SEO is dead. But it is never true. Search engines & algorithms evolve & change with time. So, those who learn to research & adapt will only remain still in this industry. Therefore, the rumors about SEO being dead is wrong, rumored by people who fail to learn.

How do I start SEO?

To start SEO, learn from world-class skilled gurus. You can hire Mayaprakash (me) for SEO services or learn from M Tanveer Nandla (Pakistan's #1 blogger award winner & my teacher). Similarly, some other trusted experts in my eyes are Ruan M. Marinho from Develomark (New York's leading SEO Agency), Chase Reiner, & Brian Dean of Backlinko.


I hope that you are satisfied with the seo price in Nepal that I’ve listed above. We can negotiate more through calls, private messaging, e-mail, Facebook chat, or any other platform to discuss our project. Feel free to talk to me anytime confidently for free seo consultation & growth strategies.