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Welcome to the Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk download page. When wr3d was published on Play Store, then a huge revolution came into combat sports gaming. In fact, fans started living the original life of a professional wrestler in a virtual reality world. After that, as time changed, WR3D became the most loved wrestling game on mobile platforms in 2021, competing with the WWE 2k series.

download wrestling revolution 3d mod apk 2021

The original game is not updated since August 2019 because as per the reports, MDickie is busy with some Nintendo Switch projects. This need for fans made developers take things into their own hands. That’s why Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk came into existence and provided everything that the fans want to get. It has more functionalities, a backstage pass, a pro license, and additional features for the players.

Besides, Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk does not contain any additional in-app purchases or hidden charges so you can play the game as you want. This WR3D mod is the best action fighting game in mobile for professional wrestling fans.

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Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK

WR3D was first introduced in the Google Play Store in 2014 and created by Mat Dickie. He is an indie wrestling follower and part of the WWE Universe. Since the first version came out, Wrestling revolution 3d reached up to 50,000,000+ installs on android.

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The Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod is created by a group of freelancer android developers. They changed the scripts, character looks and designs, storylines, and rosters to make this game more interesting. The furniture, tables, and ladders have new textures. We can perform unique holds and moves like Pele kick, black mess, roll up AA, and more which we will discuss later in the article.

Note: This page contains three different versions of WR3D mods, including WWE 2k mod, PC Mod, and just a simple mod found on the internet. There are some extra tips, tricks, and cheats at the end to get better progress and enjoy the gameplay.

File Information

NameWrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK
Size145 MB
Android Version4.0+ Above
Developer (MOD)Mike Bail
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Download wr3d mod apk

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How to download wrestling revolution 3d mod apk?

As mentioned, installing the WR3D mod apk is quite easy. Below are the simple steps to download wrestling revolution 3d mod apk on android.

  1. First of all, click on the button above that will take you to the real download page with the link.
  2. Wait for 15 seconds to unlock the button.
  3. The download button will take you to Mega where you can save the apk file into your device.
  4. Next, click on the saved apk file in the Downloads folder and install it as other apk files.
  5. You must Allow installation from unknown sources by navigating to device settings > security > unknown sources > ok, if it prompts.


Let’s take a look at the cool features and additional information of WR3D Mod Apk:

New Identity: Mike Bail created this mod by modifying the original Wrestling Revolution 3D app. He changed a lot of designs and made improvements. The original icon was black with a wrestling ring placed in the centre, which is now changed to red with 2k20 written inside. The new application name is ‘WR3D 2k20’. The characters and arenas are remodelled to make a real-world 3d environment.

Real Names: All the rosters, players, and moves come with real names as seen on TV programming.

Pro License & Backstage Pass: Now you can edit any roster and character without limitations. This also makes the game 100% advertisement free.

All Roster Access: You can choose any roster to start a career or booking mode.

Limitations Extended: The character and weapons in a match can be added up to 50 players and furniture, respectively. Also, the height can be increased up to 15 feet.

New Moves: There are new moves added like the black mess, pele kick, low blow, cross body, and more but still working on 619.

WR3D Tips, Cheats & Recommended Settings

Some cool settings to try in the game are:

  • Entrances consume a lot of time, so turn them off.
  • Increase the number of items and characters to a maximum while playing countdown battle royale in booking mode.
  • Change the game speed from settings for smoother gameplay. A value of 240 works perfectly fine for my device but it might depend on yours.
  • If you think that you are tough enough, change the level to extremely difficult with the game speed at a maximum value.
  • Power and Stamina are the biggest factors that determine the fate of the match.
  • Assign a finisher move to every button for havoc damage.
  • Agree with the booker and other wrestlers to increase attitude level but never agree to go off script, heel, or pay money to escape.
  • Never attack the main referee. If they turn against you, you will get slow counts during pinfalls in every match.
  • Do not agree to go for a drink with anyone, it will reduce your health to zero during matches.
  • A manager in your corner will watch your back against outside interference.


Is root required to install this WR3D Mod?

No, it is already patched to work in android 4.0+ devices. Just download and install it..

How do you win in Wrestling Revolution 3d?

The rules to win a match depends upon its stipulations. If it is a normal squash wrestling match, you win by either pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification when someone hits with a weapon inside the ring.

In 'Escape To Victory' rules we have to climb the cage and touch the floor first. For Sumo Contest and battle royales, you have to throw the opponents out of the ring. In deathmatch, confrontation, and fistfight, knockouts will count victory.

Similarly, a player must bleed to eliminate in the 'first blood' contest. Also, during a submission match, you must make the wrestler tap out by applying a hold or lock. To win in the last man standing match, the opponents must lay on the floor until the ten counts of the referee.

How do you submit in Wrestling Revolution 3d?

The virtual buttons must be assigned with a submission move while the opponent is lying on the mat. After applying the lock, tap the attack button continuously to make him submit. In this case, two things happen, he/she either tap out or breaks the hold. If the health is very low, chances are higher that they will submit. STF and Anaconda Vice are the best submission locks in WR3D to pass out opponents.

How to retire a wrestler in WR3D?

Retirement happens in two conditions, first is automatic, and second is when you're hired by Hollywood. Similarly, increasing age also works to retire a wrestler.

Last Words

Shout out to Mike Bail, the man behind the making of this Wrestling Revolution 3d Mod Apk. He is a great talented 3D artist and a programmer. You can find his channel on YouTube for more. Also, if you have any problems while installing or climbing the steps in the games, feel free to say in the comments. You can also report any broken links below. [C U]