WR3D Wrestling Revolution 3d PC Mods [Updated] 2021 | Latest Version

Well, the good news is, Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mods is now available to let you play on a computer as well. There’s no other action game like WR3D on Android Play Store for professional wrestling fans. It’s a heavyweight champ of mobile fighting games as per the developer.

Our team has tweaked the official Wrestling Revolution 3D to add some extra exciting features like improved 3d models, textures, realistic names, storylines, performance, and so on. It also has the backstage pass unlocked, as a result, the PC mod is 100% free to use.

If you haven’t installed the WR3D PC Mod yet, then you should do it now. It’s super easy to download from our website and install on your computer. I will guide you step by step, just read thoroughly.

Stay here & keep reading with me to get more exciting information!

wr3d wrestling revolution 3d pc mods download

Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mods

Many action games are available in the market but there’s nothing like Wrestling Revolution 3D. WR3D is very popular because it delivers the feel of real-world professional wrestling in the virtual environment. It’s a fantastic app in the play store for wrestling fans & brings the true joy of the sport.

This is one of the earliest mods of WR3D that works on any Windows Operating System and updated until today. It’s impressively faster than the mobile version and boosted with a lot of bug fixes. You just need to exact the file and enjoy gaming, no need to install or uninstall.

WR3D PC Mod File Details

Program NameWrestling Revolution 3D.exe
Total File Size74.3 MB
Operating SystemWindows 7+ Above
PurposePC mod of Wrestling Revolution 3D mobile app
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mods




  • Any Version of Windows OS
  • 75 MB of free Hard Disk Space
  • Keyboard and mouse to play the game.

Note: We are still working to bring you the joystick experience in the WR3D PC mod.

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Features of Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mods:

WR3D PC mod is designed with tons of features, exactly as you witness on the android version. Following are the features of Wrestling Revolution 3D PC version:

Pro License: Yes, you get the backstage pass and ability to generate, edit, backup, and restore roster. You can easily modify the HP of any character and customize it using the pro license.

Keyboard Control: The entire game can be controlled using a keyboard. The mouse clicks are used to select menu items and options, a substitute for tapping like mobile devices.

Select Any Roster: Start your wrestling or booking career from any of the 9 rosters, except Hollywood. You can only join Hollywood when the promoter offers you a contract after reaching the peak level of popularity.

Easy Progress: The challenges and signings are easily accepted by the fellow universe. You will not have hard times and struggle to get a match deal done.

How to download Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mods?

The process of downloading and playing WR3D on a computer is quite simple and easily done in a few clicks. However, if you are still want to discover the full process, don’t worry.

Below are the steps to download wr3d pc mod:

  1. Visit the downloading link above and click download.
  2. Wait for the file transfer completes.
  3. save the file into your computer, which is automatic in most cases.
  4. Right-click the downloaded file and extract it to a location of your choice.
  5. Open ‘Wrestling.Revolution.3D’ folder.
  6. Double click on the ‘Wrestling Revolution 3d.exe’ file.
  7. Enjoy the game.
Visual Demonstration on How To Play WR3D in Computer!!!
Watch the above video to learn how to download and play WR3D in pc.

Full Screen vs Windowed Version

The game runs on a full-screen window by default. But we still want to let you switch between windowed and full-screen versions. Inside the downloaded folder, look for another folder namely ‘Alternative Versions’.

There are two more folders inside, one for the Fullscreen and another for the windows version. If you open the desired folder, there’s a file under the name ‘Game.swf’.

Now, you just have to copy Game.swf and paste/replace it in the main Wrestling Revolution 3D folder. In this way, you can easily switch between different versions of WR3D on the computer.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mod?

It is a mod of WR3D that works on a computer with extra features.

Is the WR3D PC Mod program safe?

Well, I have personally installed this program on my computer and enjoy it during spare time. I never faced any problems or issues while playing the game. As far as I am concerned, the program is safe and normal.

Can the program work on other Operating Systems?

This version of the WR3D mod is specially designed for Windows OS. We are not sure if it works on any other OS like Ubuntu or Linux.

Final Words

We hope that you enjoy this Wrestling Revolution 3D PC Mod and it worked for you. We are additionally working to bring more mods like this for you and put a smile on your face. We also want to thank Mat Dickie for giving birth to such an amazing game.

We’ll be delighted and thankful if you share and enjoy this mod of WR3D with your friends. You will not face any kind of security issue because the software works completely offline. It’s just the same thing as the original mobile version. Meanwhile, if there are any features missing, or something that you want to let us know, tell us in the comments below.